Snowy Joe

Snowy Joe 1.0

Snowy Joe is a side scrolling platform puzzle game
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Gray Poyda

Snowy Joe is a side scrolling platform puzzle game. It is intended as a free giveaway and should kill around 10 minutes of your time. The game has a winter theme and a nice 'cutesy' art style. It is comprised of a tutorial level along with 10 exciting levels.

To complete a level, the main goal is to guide Snowy Joe safely back to his igloo; this will unlock the next level. If you complete this task for the 10 levels, you'll be shown the first ending to the story. However to see the alternate ending, you must also collect all the presents along the way.

The game also has a 'cutscene' introduction and two endings (once again with no text) depending on how you perform in the game.

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